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Office in a Box - affordable solution for your personal dental practice

It is common knowledge in the field of dentistry that launching a new, 2 – 4 - chair, dental practice involves an investment of between $350,000 and $500,000 dollars in order to build and equip a practice ready to treat patients.
Building of the dental practice involves many steps including architectural, plumbing, electrical, HVAC and many other plans, extensive permitting and multiple and sundry approvals. This takes months of preparation, daunting logistical planning and coordination of services not to mention the financial expenditures that always run over budget.
There are several very well established companies with National name recognition that specialize in the development of practices, equipment sales and supply distribution. These companies offer complete retail packages and charge the highest prices for their services. Dentists tend to gravitate towards these firms as they offer a virtually “worry free” scope of services as well as easy financing and support services. This is very appealing to a new dentist not yet skilled in practice management.
Likewise, there is also a plurality of independent service providers that specialize in the installation and servicing of dental equipment. On average, they offer a 10-20% savings on equipment sales and service charges on the equipment as compared to the national firms above. The independent proprietors offer a more personal service to the dentists and some modest savings to those dentists that take a more hands-on approach to dental practice management. These are usually experienced dentists that have been in business for a while and understand the inner dynamics of practice development.
Affordable Practice is the brainchild of Steve Yanovsky, a self made entrepreneur, business owner, educator and an accomplished inventor. In recent years, Steve has built and launched 3 dental practices currently in operation and developed solid liaisons with overseas dental equipment manufacturers that allow him to purchase and install this equipment at a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, Steve’s ingenuity has led him to modify existing, off the shelf dental equipment to develop a concept of “office in a box”.  Office in a box is a proven concept that allows for rapid deployment of a fully functional dental operatory* (* a fully functional dental treatment room) that requires a ready for business room with only one electrical outlet rated for 15 Amps of service. Office in a box operatory does not require plumbing, electrical and or vacuum lines to be installed or connected to the dental chair as Steve’s proprietary technology is incorporated and is self contained. The complete onsite setup of the equipment takes between 1-3 hours and will be ready to treat patients immediately upon completion. Further still, this technology is readily available for purchase, does require any modification that would voids its warranty or be used in a manner not compliant with the manufacturers instructions.
Total cost of equipment and installation is a mere $30,000 per 2 rooms including a full complement of the most essential equipment needed to diagnose and treat patients and provide for all required infection control services.
Office in a box concept eliminates virtually all permitting requirements such as all building permits, architectural plans and burdensome logistics saving time and money.
Office in a box is a tremendous concept that appeals to both new and experienced dentists who wish to practice their craft without being saddled with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt before they see their first patient.
Office in a box is a concept that offers the dentists an inexpensive entry into their chosen field and gives them an opportunity to first develop their practice fully before investing serious money into building their dream office. Office in a box concept works where others do not; for example, the dentist may negotiate a short term lease in a commercial building where all administrative support services, telephone and internet are already included in the lease saving the dentist thousands of dollars in staffing fees and other charges. A prime example of this is Regus office solutions that offer nationwide office solutions to various professionals. As office in a box does not require any permanent hardware installation, this may be an ideal opportunity for a dentist. Likewise, the dentist may rent an apartment in a condominium complex and or a multifamily dwelling where most apartments have an ideal layout for a dental office suit. RV is also possible for mobile office installation and development.
Affordable practice wishes to develop a stable relationship with a financial institution that will offer smooth financing solutions to dentists wishing to purchase the office in a box package by offering streamlined, seamless financing procedures that Affordable practice representatives will be able to offer to potential clients.
While office in a box is an excellent gateway to launching a practice it is not a permanent substitute to a complete dental office package. Thus Affordable practice will convert the chairs into a permanent, hardwired installation once the dental practice is profitable and is ready for long-term use. Affordable practice will incorporate a generous, prorated credit for the chairs into the construction costs that the dentist will incur should s/he choose to engage affordable practice as the service provider. I expect that the financing of the practice will go through our financial partner.